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Everything You Need to Know About Refrigerated Trailers

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Modern technology allows people to move goods, especially perishable ones, over a long distance with minimal damage, thanks to refrigerated trailers. This article explains a refrigerator trailer, how it works, and the benefits of using one for your logistics or storage needs. 

What Is a Refrigerator Trailer?

A refrigerator trailer is a specialized cooling container usually pulled by a tractor to transport food, ice cream, and perishable goods like flowers. They come equipped with a monitorable cooling system that helps to keep the temperature constant. Refrigerator trailers come in different sizes, each capable of storing various capacities and providing varying cooling effects. 

How Does a Refrigerator Trailer Work?

The work of a refrigerator trailer is to keep the cargo cool at a specific temperature. It works by circulating cool air within the unit and removing the heat that might damage the goods. First, the air inside the trailer blows through the evaporator, which removes excess heat from it. Next, the low-pressure refrigerant gas is pumped back into the compressor to increase the pressure, and the now-cooled air inside the trailer blows over the goods. The cycle is continuous and is monitored by a centralized system controlled y the driver. If the system malfunctions, a blinking light and beeping sound alert the driver to take corrective measures. It's not advisable to transport goods in a defective refrigerator trailer, as the goods may go bad. 

The Benefits of a Refrigerator Trailer

The most significant benefit of a refrigerator trailer is transporting perishable goods over a long distance without worrying about damage. The trailer creates a cool environment and favorable temperature for an extended period. Refrigerated trailers are an affordable transportation mode for perishable foods and goods that require low temperatures, such as drugs or flowers. Flying such goods is costly and not economical for small and medium businesses. The other benefit of refrigerated trailers is their vast carrying capacity, enabling you to ferry many goods simultaneously. The huge space allows you to transport different goods in the same trailer while ensuring the perishable ones have enough space and reach the destination in good condition. The trailers are designed to withstand harsh temperatures and environments, allowing you to transport the goods under extreme weather conditions without affecting or compromising the cargo. 


Refrigerated trailers are perfect for transporting temperature-sensitive goods over a long distance. They have enough space to carry different goods and still ensure they all get to their destination in good condition. Using refrigerated trailers to transport goods is cost-effective, and they withstand harsh and fluctuating weather patterns. Contact a refrigerated trailer service if you need help using a refrigerated trailer in transporting perishable goods.


22 September 2022