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What Types Of Packaging Do Wholesale Suppliers Offer?

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In many cases, a product's packaging is the first thing that customers see. Packaging should be visually appealing. Customers should know what type of product they're looking at with a single glance. Packaging should also keep products safe. Fortunately, you can get all the packaging products you need from specialty suppliers. These are four types of packaging you can purchase from a wholesale supplier:

1. Glass And Plastic Bottles

Glass and plastic bottles are ideal for containing various liquids. Whether you sell cosmetics, such as foundation or perfume, food goods, or cleaning supplies, bottles can hold your products. You can find bottles in various sizes, complete with spray nozzles, eyedropper caps, or flat caps. Glass and plastic are recyclable materials that can make your packaging more environmentally friendly. Both clear and tinted bottles are available, depending on whether or not you want to shield your products from the effects of the sun.

2. Cardboard Boxes

Wholesale packaging suppliers also carry cardboard boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can purchase plain cardboard boxes in a standard brown color or cardboard boxes that have been laminated or waxed for extra durability. Cardboard boxes can be printed with company logos to personalize them for customers. This type of packaging is ideal for holding clothing, some types of food, and other dry goods. Cardboard boxes can also be used as outer packaging for items that will be shipped in the mail.

3. Plastic Shell Packaging

Plastic shell packaging can help you keep your products safe and dry. This type of packaging can be molded around your items to contain them perfectly. Plastic shell packaging can be laminated shut to provide a tamper-proof seal that must be opened with scissors. If you'd like to offer frustration-free packaging, you can instead purchase plastic shells that snap open and closed with minimal pressure.

4. Bags

Bags are another useful packaging material. Clear plastic bags can be used to package chips, pretzels, candies, and other snacks. Polypropylene bags can be easily sealed with heat to prevent food items from going stale. Meanwhile, resealable bags can offer additional value to customers. Small bags can also be used to contain screws, nails, and other small fittings that might otherwise be easily lost.

These are just a few common packaging items that you can purchase from a wholesale packaging supplier. Buying packaging in bulk can help you save money on your manufacturing costs. For more information, contact a wholesale packaging supplier near you.


24 May 2022