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Different Ways You Can Customize Your Mailing Tubes

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Mailing tubes, also referred to as shipping tubes or paper tubes, are cylindrical tubes that are most commonly made from cardboard material. These tubes are designed to be used to ship items that may not fit in traditional shipping materials, such as boxes or envelopes. Posters are often rolled up and shipped in mailing tubes, and fishing poles may be broken down and shipped in a mailing tube. If your business utilizes mailing tubes regularly, you may be thinking about customizing tubes. Here are a few of the options you have available when ordering custom mailing tubes. 

Customize the Circumference and Length

One of the most common ways to customize a shipping tube is to customize the circumference and length of the tube to your specifications. Shipping tubes tend to come in standard sizes, but those standard sizes may not always fit the items that you sell to your customers. If a shipping tube is too wide or long for the item you are selling, that item may bounce around or shift during the shipping process. Customizing the circumference and length helps to protect the item being shipped and ensure the items you are selling fit perfectly in the tubes you are shipping them off in. 

Adding Color or Design to the Outside of the Tube

Another way to customize mailing tubes is by selecting a color and/or design for the outside of the tube. Most shipping tubes come in white or cardboard colors. But, you can have custom tubes created in any color you desire or you can plaster your company name and logo all over the packaging. This allows you to advertise your business and stand out from your competitors with your shipping products. 

Altering the Thickness of the Tube

If you are looking to purchase mailing tubes, you will find that most come in a regular thickness and a heavy-duty thickness. The thicker the tube is, the less likely it is that it will dent or bend. Thicker tubes also help to protect what is being shipped inside from moisture and rain. If you are selling items that are valuable, you may wish to increase the thickness of the tube even further. You can set any thickness you like, which can help to protect the items you are shipping from damage. 

Customizing mailing tubes can help to ensure that the tube fits the item you are shipping, can be an advertisement for your business, and can help to offer more protection than a non-customizable tube. Reach out to companies that offer customizable mailing tubes to inquire about pricing and to learn more about the customization process for shipping tubes. 


5 April 2022