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Advice For Beginners Using HPLC Systems For Sample Analysis

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Sometimes, in order to study individual components of a larger solution, separation has to take place via a high-performance liquid chromatography machine. It's very reliable when performing this task. Just make sure you follow these suggestions when using said system for the first time. 

Check the Condition of Vials Often

The vials are what you'll be placing samples into before they're separated by an HPLC machine. It's a good idea to check the condition of these vials often so that if there are structural problems, you can swap them out for new vials before sending them through the HPLC system.

That's going to help your samples remain in their assigned slots, as well as prevent the HPLC system from getting damaged. If there are any warning signs with your sample vials—such as cracks or chips—just use a new set as a precaution.

Clean System with Solvents After Each Run

After using an HPLC system with different samples for analysis, your equipment will need to be thoroughly cleaned before being used again. This ensures contaminants don't interfere with samples you test in the future using said equipment. All you have to do is run solvents through the HPLC system.

That's going to get rid of left-over samples that you may not have been able to manually drain yourself. Just make sure you find out what cleaning solvents are rated to work well with your HPLC system so that equipment damage doesn't cost you a lot of money.

Keep Data Organized Post-Separation

Once the HPLC system properly separates compounds in a sample, you'll have meaningful data to study. It's important to keep this data organized so that you know exactly what samples are being studied when analysis is required. Fortunately, most HPLC machines today come equipped with supporting software.

You can feed all of your data from this process into software that you're able to manage to your liking. Just try to verify the software is user-friendly and totally secure so that your analysis isn't delayed or negatively impacted at any point.

If you have to study samples in a way that requires compound separation, HPLC systems are instrumental to these operations. You'll have no issues using one—even as a novice—if you just stay in line with the right parameters and operational preferences set by the manufacturer. Then your sample analysis will go on smoothly. 

Contact a supplier of portable HPLC systems for more information. 


17 February 2022