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Why Use Custom Framing Solutions For Your Clients

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Do you plan to open a gallery? Or are you looking for a new way to generate more revenue for an existing one? If so, working with custom-framed artwork is the right solution for you. Custom frame solutions can impress your customers, especially when your asking prices are premium. The artwork reflects the client's presence and tastes in this framing. You give your clients the freedom to pick the framing material, size, and finishing. Why should you invest in custom framing?

Enhance the Artwork

Your clients will appreciate the quality, craftsmanship, and special attention you put into the framing. In addition, the design of the frame can highlight different elements of the art using color and contrast. The client may even think that the framing was part of the original piece when done right. 

Prevent Art Degradation 

Sometimes, prefabricated frames are made of poor-quality materials that are ineffective in keeping out degradation elements. But handmade, high-quality custom frames can effectively keep out UV light, air, and moisture. It prevents oxidation, which is a major cause of fading and yellowing. As a result, your designs last longer, and your clients will appreciate your original artwork for decades. 

More Choices For the Customer

Prefabricated frames restrict your clients' choices in materials, size, and decorations. But custom frames allow them to choose everything they want. The framing can be made in various materials and decorations, including exotic wooden frames to make their old art look more authentic. 

Your clients will also come with particular instructions on how they need their art to look, including the type, size, design, and color of framing material. You can only meet such demands with custom frames.

Guaranteed Quality 

You can never be sure about the workmanship of prefabricated frames. But you can guarantee high quality with custom frames because you have more control over the build of the frames. Your client will appreciate the high workmanship that has gone into making their art beautiful. 

Special Fit for Unique Art 

You may have a unique piece, for example, a fragment of a renaissance painting. You will need to present unique art in custom framing that fits the shape and size. Custom art framing gives you the flexibility to do special framing, including special preservation materials to safeguard the art.

Are you looking for ways to please your gallery's customers? Then, consider using custom framing solutions to meet your customers' expectations in tastes and preferences. 


16 December 2021