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Guide To Purchasing Valve Manifold Boxes For Safe Gas Distribution

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If your equipment requires the distribution of certain gases, a valve manifold box is a device that can support this flow safely and effectively. These boxes feature a lot of materials, designs, and sizes. As long as you go through this guide fully, buying a VMB (valve manifold box) for a work site won't be as challenging. 

Review Venting Performance

Valve manifold boxes come with a lot of safety controls since gas is being transported to different equipment around a work environment. One of the most important safety aspects of these boxes is venting, which will happen if there is ever a gas leak inside the box.

In order to feel comfortable about this attribute, make sure you review venting performance with a couple of different units. Not only does the gas need to be contained when there is a leak, but it all needs to be vented out of the system in a safe manner each time. 

Opt for a Modular Design

As mentioned earlier, valve manifold boxes can be designed in different ways by manufacturers. A modular design, specifically, would serve your gas distribution operations well, especially from a maintenance and repair standpoint.

Modular valve manifold boxes are separated into individual modules, which make them very easy to access when it comes time to clean, repair, or inspect them. Such a design also makes these boxes very simple to add onto with upgrades, which might be relevant if you're looking for additional safety features throughout the years.

Make Sure Pressure Range is Optimal

Regardless of what type of gas you plan on supporting in a valve manifold box, the right pressure ranges have to be maintained for gas to distribute properly to surrounding systems. Spend time reviewing this attribute carefully so that your manifold box selection is compatible with your gas operations.

You'll need to take into account the specific gas that you're supporting and review the ideal pressure range for optimal movement. Even if you feel good about the pressure range your valve manifold box needs to support, it doesn't hurt to confirm this range with a manifold box specialist.

Gas can be moved to multiple systems safely thanks to valve manifold boxes. They just need to be designed correctly and come equipped with the right features, which you'll have no trouble figuring out if you set aside some time to thoroughly analyze gas operations taking place around a target site. Contact a valve manifold box supplier near you to learn more.


3 November 2021