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Installing New Cabinets In Your Kitchen

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Kitchen renovations are often a great place to start bringing an older home up to date, and one of the first things people replace is the kitchen cabinets and the appliances. The kitchen cabinets can set the tone for the new kitchen or accent it, depending on what you choose. With a bit of planning, they will give you the storage you need.

Designing Your New Kitchen

One of the best places to start with a kitchen renovation is the design of the new kitchen. Working with a kitchen designer can help you get a good idea of what the kitchen will look like, and the designer can help you choose kitchen cabinets to accent the design. 

It can be challenging to envision the kitchen in its completed state when you are standing in an empty room, but a designer at the cabinet shop can use software that allows them to model the kitchen in 3d on a computer, so you can see how they will look when complete. Working with a designer will enable you to visit the cabinet shop and go through the different colors, textures, and styles of cabinets available for your kitchen and see them both in person and the computer model. 

If you are working with a shop that is custom building the kitchen cabinets for your home, it can take several months to get all the cabinets. You can buy cabinets already completed, but you may be limited in the design and textures if you are using off-the-shelf cabinets in your new kitchen.

Installing Your New Cabinets

Once you have picked the kitchen cabinets you want to use in your home, the cabinet shop can build them and get the order set up for delivery. The cabinet shop may be the ones installing your cabinets, or you may have a contractor doing it. 

The cabinets will be numbered so that it is clear where each one fits in the design, and the installer can temporarily put each one in place and align them to each other and the walls. Not all homes are square, especially older ones, so the install needs to determine if the cabinets will need shimming and prepare them accordingly. 

Once all the cabinets are in place and secured to the walls, the kitchen cabinet installer will put all the doors on and make sure they open and close properly. If there don't, the installer can adjust the hinges until the doors swing smoothly. Some cabinets will come with the doors already on them, but it is better if they don't because leveling and shimming the cabinets during installation can affect the door position. 

For more information about kitchen renovation or kitchen cabinets, contact a renovation expert in your area.


9 June 2021