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You Can Complete These Moving Tasks In Less Than 10 Minutes

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When you are moving, everything you need to do can feel like a major task in your way. You have a lot of tasks in your way that could take a lot of your time, but the good news is that there are tasks that you can do in a shorter time frame.

You have a lot to do, even if you do hire a moving service. These are some of the tasks you can do quickly.

Declutter Your Home

When movers show up, you want to have all the clutter boxed up or removed from the house. You can spend 10 minutes organizing things and putting things in boxes. This will help movers operate in your home quickly and without accidentally moving things you don't want to move.

Drop Items Off at a Charity Shop

It is also wise to have only the items left in the house that need to be moved. It's a good idea to gather up all the things you want to donate and take them to the charity shop or thrift store where they can be donated. This gives your movers more space to work with.

Order Boxes and Packing Materials Online

If you don't have all the supplies you need, you can take a few minutes to order them now. It's easy to procrastinate on getting the supplies you need, even if you have movers arriving soon. If it's too late, you can call a moving company and see if they sell the supplies you need.

Pack Up Some Breakables

Wrapping up breakables can be time-consuming. If you still have a pile of items you need to wrap, now is a good time to start protecting them, so that they are ready to go when the movers arrive.

Call a Moving Company

Now is also a good time to call the moving company with any questions you have. How far are they able to drive? What can they fit in the truck, and how big are the trucks? You also want to make sure that the company offers insurance for broken items.

Get a Moving Quote

Finally, you can call a moving service and get a specific quote for your move. You can assess the amount of furniture you have and what kind of truck you will need. You can also discuss how many people you will need to help you with the move.

For more information about moving services and what they offer, contact a local moving company, like Christofferson Moving & Storage.


3 May 2021