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Misconceptions About Hiring a Private Investigator

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Hiring a private investigator can be a good way to find out what someone else is up to. Private investigators are excellent at finding hidden information and gathering info on someone's activity. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about the profession and about the things that professional investigators can and cannot do. Before you hire one, read this guide to understand if a private investigator can help you.

Misconception: Private investigators are above the law.

Private investigators are sometimes believed to be members of law enforcement, and some assume that they are above the law. In reality, though, private investigators have to adhere to the law, like any other private citizen. In many areas, this means that they cannot record conversations without consent. They can't enter someone's home without permission, and they cannot search a vehicle without permission. However, this does not mean that private investigators are not effective. While they only have the rights of any other citizen, they have far more investigative skills than the average citizen, so they are able to better find and use information that's available.

Misconception: Private investigators can gain access to bank or medical records.

Sometimes people approach a private investigator hoping they'll be able to get information about a person's spending habits or about their medical history. However, banking and medical records are private and well protected by many laws. A private investigator has no more access to these private records than you do. However, they are able to dig around and tell you if someone has an account at a certain bank or if they have medical records at a certain hospital. This information can be really helpful on its own, even though the PI cannot tell you what the records contain.

Misconception: Private investigators are in competition with the police.

If you were the victim of a crime and are not happy with the investigatory work that the police are doing, then you can certainly hire a PI to do more digging. But contrary to what TV shows tend to suggest, your PI won't compete with the police or try to beat them to the punch. Instead, the police and PI tend to collaborate, which is actually much better for their clients. You'll often learn more with both the police and a PI working on your case.

Now that you know the truth about hiring a private investigator, you can interview a few of them and hire the one that seems like the best fit for your needs.


23 April 2021