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Why Fiberglass Is a Good Choice When You Need to Replace the Insulation in Your Attic

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Fiberglass is one of the most popular types of home insulation. It can be used in walls and floors and is a good choice for exterior walls and the attic. Fiberglass is available in batt, roll, and blown options. Here are some of the good points of fiberglass that make it so popular.

Low Cost

A big plus for fiberglass is that it is one of the most affordable types of insulation. Plus, it is quick and easy to install, so that keeps installation costs lower. You don't sacrifice quality just because the price is low. Fiberglass is used in new home construction and for commercial buildings because of its ability to reduce heat transfer and its more affordable price. It is also a budget-friendly option for adding insulation to your existing home.

Mold, Water, and Fire Resistant

Fiberglass is spun from sand and glass threads. It doesn't have any organic materials that feed mold. It also doesn't soak up water from a roof or plumbing leak. If fiberglass gets wet, it maintains its original R-value, or ability to limit heat transfer, once the fiberglass has dried out. Since the material is sand and glass, fiberglass doesn't burst into flames. It might melt in a fire, but it won't combust and contribute to a fire in your attic.


Fiberglass insulation has a long life if it isn't damaged while it's in your attic or between walls. Fiberglass can last for decades, which makes it a good investment for your home. It will provide many years of climate control for your home as well as adding soundproofing, which is helpful when fiberglass is added to exterior walls.


Fiberglass is effective at limiting heat transfer, and you can control the level of protection you want for your home. You can also add more fiberglass over the old insulation if you ever want to increase the R-value in your home. Fiberglass batt is sold in various thicknesses, the thicker the insulation, the better it is at blocking heat transfer. You can also blow in fiberglass bits instead and choose the depth of the fiberglass that meets the needs of your climate. This allows you to get the right amount of insulation at a price that fits your budget.


While fiberglass batt is a popular option, you might prefer loose fill or blown insulation instead. The advantage of the blown option is that the bits of fiberglass fill voids and wrap around pipes. Otherwise, you would have to cut the batt to fit in spaces with odd shapes. Plus, you can blow fiberglass into an existing wall without having to open the wall. The contractor drills a hole in the wall so the fiberglass pieces can be blown in the wall cavity for easy installation.

If you need a second opinion, reach out to local insulation services. 


24 March 2021