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The Gear You Need To Have Before You Start Cleaning Commercial Equipment

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If you are going to start cleaning commercial equipment, you should have some vital rain gear available to wear on your body to keep you protected. When dealing with water for hours at a time, having the right equipment will prevent you from getting soaked and quickly becoming uncomfortable while you work.

Rain Trousers With a Protective Jacket

Always wear a pair of rain trousers with a protective jacket when cleaning commercial equipment. Instead of absorbing the water, any droplets that get on your jacket or pants will drip right down and land on the ground because they are waterproof. You can find sets that attach to one another to provide maximum protection, keeping you and the clothes you are wearing underneath dry. The rain trousers and jackets come in different styles and are available in many sizes.

Latex Rain Gloves

Protect your hands from the water and keep them from getting wrinkled by wearing latex rain gloves. While you might still feel the water, the gloves will absorb a lot of it, keeping your hands moisturized and comfortable instead of wet and irritated. If you happen to have an allergic reaction to latex, there are alternative options that still protect against water.

Face Shield

Using a face shield is ideal if you want to keep a bunch of water from splashing on your face while you work. If you are going to use a pressure washer, the water that hits the equipment while cleaning it could end up splashing and getting in your eyes. When water is getting in your eyes, it makes it difficult to see and will create hazardous conditions while you work. It is better to have the face shield for more protection while you get your job done.

Rain Overshoes

Instead of wearing rain boots that might not provide the coverage needed when working with commercial equipment, you can invest in a good pair of rain overshoes. You will still get to wear your steel-toe boots to work but can place the rain overshoes on top of the shoes to keep them covered. It will protect your feet and shoes from the excessive amount of water you will use to clean off the sizeable commercial equipment.

Be prepared to clean all kinds of commercial equipment by having rain gear on your body. If you have rain trousers with a matching jacket, gloves, a face shield, and some overshoes, you can avoid getting wet while working with water to clean different types of equipment.

If you need help finding rain gear for work, reach out to a local work apparel store.


30 November 2020