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Factors To Anticipate When You Are In Outpatient Opiod Detox Treatment

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The process to overcome your addiction to opiates can take several months. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may have your choice of either inpatient or outpatient treatment. When you have opted for outpatient opiod detox treatment, you may wonder what lies ahead of you during your journey toward sobriety. These factors are common in the typical outpatient opiod addiction recovery program.

Individual Therapy

When you are enrolled in an outpatient opiod detox treatment program, you can anticipate undergoing individual therapy. You will have a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist assigned to your care team. This therapist will lead your individual sessions and help you uncover the root cause for your addiction.

During your therapy sessions, you can expect to talk about your childhood and relationship with your parents. You also will talk about factors like your marriage, relationship with your parents or any past traumas that you endured. These discussions may help your therapist uncover why you want to use opiates and why you became addicted to them in the first place.

Group Therapy

Another aspect of your outpatient opiod addiction recovery treatment will involve going through group therapy. Group therapy is important for several reasons. First, it gives you the chance to discuss your addiction with people who are undergoing similar addiction challenges as you. Second, it allows you to relate to others in your predicament and draw inspiration from them to overcome your own addiction.

During group therapy, you will be expected to both listen to and participate in discussions. You cannot sit silent during the sessions, nor can you control every conversation. Your group therapy sessions should be led by licensed therapists and psychologists who are trained to work with recovering addicts.

Medical Treatment

Opiate addictions take a negative toll on your physical health. These drugs can cause liver damage, for example. They can also cause severe damage to your kidneys and heart. During your recovery, you will receive regular medical care to eliminate or reduce the damages in your body. Your medical team will ensure that you avoid organ failure, if possible, and receive treatment for drug-related ailments like skin infections and high blood pressure.

These factors are some that you can expect to encounter when you enroll in an outpatient opiod detox treatment program. Your outpatient opiod addiction recovery will involve both individual and group therapy. You also will receive professional medical care.  


21 September 2020