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Career Opportunities Selling Sustainable Products And Lifestyles

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If you're at an employment crossroads, the opportunity to build your own small empire may be capturing your imagination. In the search for independent businesses, more job seekers are rediscovering the Avon sales model. All-natural and sustainable consumer products are a high growth market with a successful track record in multi-level marketing. 

While there's some truth to the old adage that a good salesperson can sell anything, sustainable products meet the three key criteria for choosing what to sell. 

Believe in the Product 

Warren Buffett, one of the world's most successful investors, is well known to drink Coke every day. In 1995, he took his own advice and invested in a product he loves. Since then, he has made over $7 billion in dividends from his investment in the Coke stock. 

If you really love and believe in the products you're selling, you will be able to convincingly sell them to others. As the media warns daily of the dangers of environmentally harmful products, it could become harder and harder to sell non-eco-conscious products. Meanwhile, the value of green products is growing in the estimation of most consumers. 

Promote Self-Worth

Eco and all-natural products have a special appeal to consumers. Not harming the environment when consuming makes consumers feel good. Most consumers believe that eco-conscious products are better for their health and the environment. This belief is becoming stronger through the generations, with over 60% of millennials willing to pay more for sustainable products.

Shaklee, for example, started selling organic and biodegradable cleaning products in the 1950s, well before the all-natural and environmentally conscious consumer emerged. As new generations take more responsibility for the environment, its eco-conscious product niche has grown into a major consumer category.

Build Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is built on the quality of a product and the customer experience. If customers are satisfied with the products you're selling, they'll do repeat business with you. Eco-conscious products are about more than customer preference. Buying all-natural and sustainable products is a lifestyle choice. 

As more and more families have become aware of the harmful effects of their home cleaning products, organic and biodegradable product makers have been slowly educating the public on alternatives. 

If you're committed to improving the quality of the environment for your family and future generations, you may find a fulfilling career selling sustainable products to your neighbors. If you are interested in beginning a new career, check out business opportunities, such as a Shaklee business opportunity.


31 July 2020