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Why Your Farm Insurance Policy Should Protect You Against Wind Damage

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Regardless of the type of farming that you do, you need to be aware of the many calamities that can threaten your livelihood. Fortunately, farm insurance providers offer wide-ranging policies that can protect your operation from just about anything that could harm it. The wind that blows through your warm might be harmless 99 percent of the time, but heavy gusts can certainly be problematic. When you get a farm insurance policy, ensure that your policy protects you against these wind-related issues.

Barn Damage

Powerful gusts of wind can threaten your barns in several ways. A prevalent concern is that wind could cause part of a barn's roof to blow off, leaving your animals exposed to the elements. Without insurance, it might be a long time before you can afford to repair or replace the roof — which will leave you in a serious predicament until then. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that your farm insurance policy covers this type of wind damage is significant. You'll be able to fix the problem in a short amount of time without using your own money.

Equipment Damage

The wind can also cause damage to various pieces of equipment that you have situated around your warm. With equipment, the biggest concern is that the wind will cause something to fall on the equipment. A prime example is a powerful gust of wind causing a heavy tree branch to break off, resulting in the branch landing on a tractor or another piece of equipment. You likely use this tractor several times a week, if not daily, and having it seriously damaged or destroyed due to the wind represents a major hurdle for your operation. You'll appreciate knowing that your insurance policy will give you the value of the tractor so that you can replace it promptly.

Livestock Loss

Unfortunately, the wind also can maim or kill your livestock. While you'll want to do all that you can to get your livestock in a secure, covered area when the wind starts to pick up, the reality is that this isn't always possible. Animals that get spooked due to the weather can be difficult to control, and a tree that comes down into a pen filled with animals could have a disastrous result. Your farm insurance policy will compensate you for the loss of your livestock so that you can replace the animals you lose.

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3 December 2019