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Small Digging Project? 3 Reasons to Rent a Mini Excavator

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For projects that require smaller digging operations in close quarters, a large excavator may be overkill. A compact excavator, more commonly known as a mini excavator, is a better tool for these smaller jobs.

Many companies don't consider the unique benefits that renting a mini excavator can offer. Take advantage of these benefits for yourself by investing in the rental of a mini excavator for your next small project.

1. Mini Excavators Are Quiet

A lot of the smaller jobs that construction companies take on are located in residential neighborhoods. The typical neighborhood environment is different than commercial settings; neighborhoods might not be used to the level of noise that large pieces of construction machinery generate. By renting a mini excavator for the smaller projects you take on in residential areas, you will be gaining access to a piece of equipment that can operate quietly. Your customers won't receive noise complaints from their neighbors and you won't have to compromise digging power with a mini excavator.

2. Mini Excavators Have a Light Footprint

There are many different factors that you need to consider when working in a residential area. Coming up with ways to avoid damaging pavement and landscaping while you are digging is one consideration that is of vital importance. A mini excavator can help you with this task. The smaller and lighter design of the mini excavator generates lower ground pressure than that created by larger excavators. You can rent a machine with rubber tracks to ensure you don't do any damage to residential paving or landscaping while completing smaller digging projects in residential areas.

3. Mini Excavators Can Reduce Costs

If you are looking for ways to generate more profit when completing smaller digging projects, then a mini excavator can be a valuable asset. You may think that the rental cost would eat into any profit, but the fuel efficiency of compact excavators more than makes up for the added expense of a rental fee. Not only does a mini excavator itself use less fuel during operation than a larger excavator, but you can also tow a compact excavator using a smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicle. Reducing your fuel usage can help improve the profitability of each small digging job that your company completes in the future.

Don't miss out on the benefits that your company can enjoy when renting a mini excavator for small digging projects. Contact local mini excavator rental companies to learn more. 


3 December 2019