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Batteries Short-Lived? 4 Storage And Usage Mistakes

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If it seems like the batteries in your devices are always failing, how you store and use your batteries is likely to blame. Yes, batteries are intended to last for a long time, but if you are not mindful of how you handle your batteries, the opposite is typically true. Learn about some of the mistakes you could be making.

Metal Contact

Loose batteries should never be stored in an area where they can make contact with metal objects. For instance, the junk drawer in your office full of loose change, staples, and paper clips is not the best place. Direct contact with a metal object may cause the battery to short-circuit. Short-circuiting heats up the inside of the battery and virtually kills it before it's even used.

Temperature Control

The garage is often the go-to place for household storage, but if your garage is not climate-controlled, don't store your batteries there. If you are storing them there, the lack of temperature control could be why the life of your batteries is short-lived. High temperatures reduce the capacity of a battery. As a result, when you put the battery in a device, much of its power capacity is already depleted, so it will fail rather quickly. In some instances, hot temperatures can even cause the battery to explode, which can present a safety hazard.

Old and New

When you don't have plenty of extra batteries on hand, it's common to simply replace one of the failing batteries, and think your problem is solved. However, when you mix old and new batteries, you aren't solving anything. The new battery will be forced to overcompensate for the old battery, and this process will only cause the new battery to deplete in a shorter amount of time than it normally would.

Surface Cleaning

Always look at the battery chamber in your device before you insert a new battery inside. If you see a buildup from a previous battery leak, take a pencil eraser and gently clean the gunk from the chamber. If you put in a new battery and the contact surface is dirty, this issue will affect the way the battery is able to send power to your device and could even damage the battery.

If you notice that you make any of these mistakes, now is the time to make a change. With a few practical tweaks, you can extend the life of your batteries. Reach out to someone like an alkaline C-battery supplier for more information.


16 October 2019