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A Few Situations That Warrant A Military Challenge Coin

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Being in the military, you will have many different experiences that will be special and meaningful in some way. Quite often, the other people with you during the experience are what make the time so memorable. One way to memorialize the time is with a military challenge coin. You can create a design that fits the situation and give the coins to everyone involved. Here are just a few experiences you may want to have a coin made for.


When you are shipped out on a specialized deployment things can get very interesting. You have a special task to complete and will spend a lot of time getting to know the people you are with. You may even want to get together with everyone to create a design for the coin that somehow signifies the task you had to complete.  Make sure to put the dates of the deployment too.

Sport Teams

It is common to have a few sports leagues within your military unit. Sometimes the leagues are within the company, with different platoons playing each other and sometimes the league involves the whole base or even the whole branch of service. Regardless of the size of the league, you should commemorate the good times and camaraderie with a challenge coin. 


There are going to be people you meet that you become very close to. They may be people you work with, people you live with, or just the group you hang out with the most. Unfortunately, you are not going to be together throughout your military career. To remember the times you had together, a military challenge coin is a simple token of them and what you had. 

Even if you only stay in the military for one term, it is going to have some effect on your life. The people you meet and the different things you do together should be honored in some way. A coin is small and can fit almost anywhere. One can be designed to fit any situation. If you are not sure you can create a meaningful design, contact a company that specializes in military challenge coins. They will work with you to create a coin you will be proud to carry around. When you get older and think back to your time in the service you will be glad to have something physical to bring back the memories. Even if things were hard, there is going to be something about the time you will cherish.

For more information, contact a local military challenge coin designer.


3 September 2019