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The Art Of Selecting A Photo Frame

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You've taken the perfect photo, but displaying it is a whole new battle. Making your photo stand out isn't just about choosing the best place to put it in your home; it's also about selecting the best frame to show it off. The frame you choose is more than just a functional piece of furniture for protecting the print itself; it's also an important aesthetic decision. Choosing the right frame can help to highlight your photograph in ways that you never imagined. Luckily, there are some simple tips you can follow to help you get the right frame for your image.

Complement or Contrast

Do you want a frame that complements your image or one that contrasts it? It sounds strange, but a contrasting frame can actually put more of a focus on the photo itself by creating a stark barrier between your photograph and its surroundings. On the other hand, a complementary frame can highlight certain colors or portions of the image by helping to draw attention to them. Either option makes a great choice; it simply depends on your personal preference and how you want your framed photo to fit into its surroundings.

Choose a Style

Once you've decided how your frame will mesh with your photo, it's time to choose a style. If you are going for a complementary look, consider a color of wood or metal that matches a predominant color within the photo itself. This works best for simple photos that have clear subjects that you can focus on with your choice. For more complicated photos where you'd like to use this technique, pick out an object that has clear and well-defined colors.

To create a contrast between your frame and your photo, you can use color or you can use style. If your photograph is simple with a limited number of subjects, a more decorative frame may actually help to make it stand out. Likewise, simple, solid color frames can serve as stark borders for photographs that include a large amount of action or complex composition.

Select Your Customizations

Finally, decide how you want your frame customized. If your goal is to create a simple, unobtrusive frame, then a basic engraving (keep it to a few words!) is the way to go. More complex options are available, however, and you can easily turn your frame into an artistic piece in and of itself. Frames can be designed to fit into the décor of the room that they will be placed in, or they can even be designed to hold multiple photos. Frames that contain multiple photos can work well if your goal is to tell a narrative with your photographs rather than simply display a static moment in time.

Whatever options you choose, selecting the right frame and having it customized is a great way to show off all of your most cherished memories. Keep these tips in mind as you order custom photo frames


24 July 2019