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Look For A Photo Studio That Offers These On-Site Amenities

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When you rent photo studio space, it's easy to be so focused on how you plan to set up the space for your photo shoot that you aren't necessarily cognizant of the other details that may come into play. While it's true that you'll want to evaluate the photography studio rental space based on how well it will accommodate what you have planned for your photo shoot, you need to think about some other things, too. Some photo studios do a better job at offering additional amenities than others, and it's usually advisable to book space in one of these studios. Here are some specific amenities to consider.

Lounging Space

In many photo shoots, it's ideal if the studio offers some type of lounging space. This could be as simple as a couple of couches and chairs, perhaps with a coffee table between them. Depending on the type of photo shoot that you're conducting, it's possible that there may be lengthy breaks between shoots. For example, you might shoot your subjects a handful of times, and then need to change some camera gear or even make big changes to the backgrounds. You want your subjects to be comfortable during this time, and choosing a studio space with a lounge area will be accommodating.


Don't be surprised if you find that some photo studios have small kitchens attached to them. Initially, you might feel as though such an amenity is unnecessary, but the reality is that it will come in handy. Many photo shoots take a long time, which means that you'll often want to have some sort of meal. This is especially true if you've invited your subjects to spend a large percentage of their day with you. A kitchen makes it easy to store drinks and snacks, as well as heat up any food that you bring with you.


You shouldn't overlook the value of an on-site bathroom, either. At some photo studios, you'll need to go down the hall to use the bathroom, but at others, there's a bathroom inside of the studio space itself. This can be highly convenient. For example, if one of your subjects needs to refresh her makeup between shoots, this is easy to do on the scene. Or, if someone you're shooting wants to take a look at his or her hair before you begin, this is also possible when there's an on-site bathroom.


24 May 2019