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The Internet can feel like a thrilling and unpredictable ride. You often will never know what changes will be made, whether it be a new and popular Internet meme, a video that goes viral unexpectedly or a change in a search engine algorithm. These small changes might devastate some online businesses, but they don't have to. My name is Max Pitt and I see myself as an Internet warrior. I have dabbled in everything, from blogging to video creation. While I am not a professional, I feel like I understand the Internet on a level that can allow me to help online businesses that want to operate in this unpredictable, but highly profitable, digital world.

How You Can Make A Difference As A Physician Coach

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If you are a practicing physician with skills that extend beyond medicine, then there is a real opportunity for you to make a difference as a physician coach. This an exciting way to expand your career while also helping your peers. Even better, you will increase your own profile and make a name for yourself that will extend well beyond coaching. If you are on the fence about this great opportunity, keep reading to discover all the ways that you can utilize your skills and talents as a healthcare leader.

Your Experience Matters

As a certified physician, you know the stress that physicians are under and the difficulties that they face every day. As a successful physician, you also know how to deal with this stress and how to overcome those challenges. By coaching other physicians, you can share your knowledge to help them discover techniques to cope with the many trials that come with this demanding career. Often, just hearing that other physicians are dealing with these same stresses can make a huge difference. Your personal experiences will help your peers understand that they are not alone in the struggles that they face.

You Can Improve Patient Outcomes

Physicians who are frustrated or who feel burnt out rarely provide their patients with the best care possible. Every doctor wants to provide an exemplary level of care for their patients, so this can often lead to an even greater sense of frustration and anger. Many physicians describe a downward cycle that impacts the quality of both their personal and professional lives. By working with physicians directly to move past these issues, you can improve their lives and help them to deliver a higher quality of care to their patients.

You Can Help Your Peers to Overcome Rough Patches

Unfortunately, many physicians may be skilled practitioners of medicine while still lacking soft skills that are vital to do their jobs properly. This can lead to conflicts in the work place or, even worse, conflicts with patients and their families. Often, these conflicts can lead to poor performance and even place otherwise good doctors on notice. Many physicians may reluctant to focus so heavily on developing these skills, but through personal coaching you can help to show how better workplace and patient relationships ultimately lead to better medical outcomes.

By becoming a coach, you also become a healthcare leader. This means that not only do your skills help your own patients, but they help your peers, who in turn take those lessons and use them to improve outcomes in their own careers. This allows you to improve the lives of others in a far wider way than you could otherwise.

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12 May 2019