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Three Professionals Who Should Get Promotional Fridge Magnets Printed

Business Blog

Refrigerator magnets can be an effective promotional tool for many working professionals. Whether you distribute the magnets in the mail, hand them out at community events, or find another way to get them into the hands of prospective customers and clients, this type of promotional material can directly lead to money in your pocket. It's important to find a printing service that can not only print your design on magnets, but also pair you with a graphic designer to come up with a magnet design that you favor. If you're one of these types of professionals, this promotional idea is a must. 

Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents use fridge magnets as promotional tools. This is a device that homeowners will hopefully keep, stick on their fridges, and think to call you when they decide that they wish to sell. Sometimes, you may get calls from new clients just days after they pick up your fridge magnet; in other cases, someone may keep your magnet on his or her fridge for years before calling you. Either way, the investment in this printed promotional tool can be financially rewarding for you. 


If you work in the trades, a promotional fridge magnet can be a smart investment for you. Whether you're a residential painter, a plumber, a roofer, or a landscaper, getting magnets made up that list your services and provide other enticing details about you — for example, the fact that you've been in business for 20 years and have won numerous awards — can compel people to call you when they have a need. For example, if you're a plumber who provides emergency services 24 hours a day, someone may wish to keep your magnet in the event of having an emergency in the future. 


Educational tutors can also benefit from getting promotional magnets printed to distribute. You likely won't want to distribute these magnets in the mail, though, as not every resident of a particular neighborhood has children. Instead, you can think about hanging them out at youth-focused community events. Interested parents will ideally take your magnet and place it on the fridge, keeping your services in mind. Should their child ever begin to fall behind in his or her studies, your name will likely come to mind quickly — because they see your magnet daily — and the parents will hopefully call you to hire you to help the child.

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4 April 2018