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3 Things You Should Do Before Hiring A Guest Speaker

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If you want to inspire an audience and inform them of things they have never thought of before, you may want to hire a guest speaker.  There are many people who have hired a speaker and later regretted it because they didn't do their research as they should have. Here are some things you should do before hand to make sure that the speaker you chose is the right person for your event.

1. Go To Another Event Or Ask Others

One of the best ways to figure out if this person is right for you is to attend another event that they are doing, or ask others who have attended their event to see if was what you are looking for. For instance, you can contact your speaker as a potential hire, and ask if they are doing any other events in the future. They should have a list of things that they are doing or speaking at, and if possible you should try to attend one of those events. This will be th surest way to make sure that they are right for your event.

If you cannot attend another event, you can contact other people who have used them. You can look at reviews online, or ask the person for a list of references, or the contact person of the last event they spoke at. This will allow you to ask questions to someone who is impartial. This will be a great way to vet the person.

2. Ask For An Outline

Another way to make sure that this is what you are looking for is to ask for an outline of things they will be speaking about. Seasoned speakers should have an outline or even the entire presentation printed out that they use during their speech. You can ask them to send you the outline or talk so that you can go over it. This way you can ensure that the things that they will be talking about will be pertinent to your audience.

3. Think About Your Audience

There are many great speakers out there. You might get a great recommendation on a certain person, but you have to consider your audience. Would someone coming and speak about their near-death experience be the right thing for your business setting? It will probably be motivational, but would it be what your business needs? Don't just consider the speaker, consider if the speaker will fit your setting and give you the outcome you were looking for.

By thinking of these things you can be confident that you chose the right speaker for your event.  


25 January 2018