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Security Is Crucial: How To Ensure The Safety And Security Of Your Hotel Guests

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If you run a hotel, security needs to be one of your top concerns; not only for your staff but for the guests who are staying on your premises. With so many people coming and going at all hours of the day, it can be a daunting task to maintain adequate layers of security. However, in spite of the hard work that's required, adequate security is essential, especially with the tragic events that have unfolded in the news lately. To help keep your guests, and your employees safe, here are four steps you should take to increase security at your hotel:

Know Who's on Your Property

When it comes to providing proper security at your hotel, it's vital that you know who is on your property. It's not enough to make contact with your guests when they come to the front desk at check-in. You've got to make sure that they're interacted with at other times during their stay. It's also important that you make contact with visitors, delivery personnel, and any others who might be on your property. If you see someone who looks out of place, make contact with them so you can determine whether or not they belong there.

Equip Your Staff with Photographic ID Cards

If your staff is not readily identifiable as an employee, that can pose a serious security risk for your guests. The best way to avoid security problems is to equip your staff with photographic ID cards. It's not enough that your staff wears tags identifying them as employees of the hotel. Your guests need to be able to put a face with the name. This is also beneficial in a situation when law enforcement must make contact with all employees. People who may pose a security risk will not be able to steal an employee card to access guest areas of the hotel.

Know What's Happening on Your Security Feeds

If you have security cameras on your hotel premises, you need to know what's happening on your security feeds. Your security feeds will provide a much-needed first line of defense should an emergency occur. For instance, if someone enters your hotel, and is behaving suspiciously, you'll be able to contact emergency personnel much quicker if you, or your security team, have been observing the security monitors.

Provide Continual Training for Your Security Staff

Security needs are constantly changing, and so are the rules of engagement for security teams. To make sure your security staff is prepared for any and all emergencies, it's important that they receive the proper training. Be sure your security team undergoes routine training seminars to ensure that they're to act when the need arises.

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2 December 2017