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Hosting an Outdoor Party? Two Ways to Install a Rented Tent

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Renting a tent for your outdoor party is an excellent way to create a fun and safe space for your guests to gather and enjoy the festivities. While it's fairly easy to install a tent on grass or soft ground, it can be a little more challenging erecting one on a hard surface like concrete. If the area where you want to use the tent is paved, here are two installation options available to you.

Temporarily Drill Holes into the Surface

The first option is to allow the tent rental company to drill holes into the pavement so it can secure the tent using stakes. The holes will typically be small (e.g. 1-inch in diameter), but the company may need to drill quite a few of them to ensure the tent remains stable, particularly if it is windy or rainy outside. However, after the party is over, the company will fill the holes with pavement-friendly material (e.g. blacktop), so you're not stuck with unsightly gaps in the ground on the property.

Be aware that this option will not be available for all rentals. If you're having the party on property you don't own, you must get permission of the owners to have the party company do this to their ground. If the person or business says no, then you'll have to consider alternative options to erect the tent. Alternatively, the property owner may approve your request, but require you to erect the tent in a different area. Be sure to get any agreement with the property owner in writing to avoid misunderstandings later on.

Use a Frame Tent Instead

Most tent rental companies prefer to use pole tents because they're easier and faster to erect. However, these tents require stakes to stabilize them. If you're unable to place stakes in the ground where the party is being held or simply don't want to go this route, the other option is to use a frame tent instead.

A frame tent is exactly as it sounds. First a metal frame is built and then the tent material is draped over it. Instead of stabilizing the tent with metal stakes, the company will use weight ballasts to help keep the structure in place.

Frame tents aren't as visually dramatic as pole tents. However, they won't require you to drill holes into the pavement, which means you can use this tent just about anywhere. It's important to note, though, that these tents tend to cost more to rent because they require more labor to install.

For more ideas on how to handle this issue or to rent a tent for your event, contact a tent rental company like American Tent & Awning Co Inc.


24 November 2017