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4 Ways To Make Independent Living Easier For Your Elderly Parents

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Many elderly individuals do not like the idea of change. They want to continue living in their familiar homes and have as much independence as possible. With some changes in health and physical ability, however, complete independent living is just not possible for some seniors. With some support, planning, and help, however, you can help you parent to enjoy living successfully at home for as long as possible. 

Here are four ways to make independent living easier.

1. Use senior assistance services.

Senior assistance services, like Sanity Saving Errand Tacklers, can help with the daily tasks that might be hard for a senior to stay on top of. These services can help with:

  1. running errands. If your parent is no longer driving or is not as able to walk from place to place to run errands on a Saturday morning, these services can do it instead.
  2. picking up groceries and prescriptions. Lifting heavy jugs of milk or carrying bags from the car can be challenging for some elderly people. 
  3. dropping off or picking up packages, laundry, or dry cleaning. If your parent uses a laundromat instead of an in-unit laundry, this service can be especially useful. 

Some more involved services might also provide cooked food if your parent needs it. Some seniors can suffer from nutrition trouble, especially if they have any illnesses, so having prepared food delivered is a good way to make sure your parent is getting enough variety and nutrients. 

2. Arrange frequent visits. 

If you're not sure whether your parent will do okay living alone and independently, you should plan frequent visits. You might not be the one who always visits, but it's best if someone is stopping by to provide company and to check that everything is okay. If you or other family members do not live close by, you might ask a church member, community senior outreach center, or local volunteer services to send someone over on a weekly basis just to visit and check that everything seems to be going well. 

3. Replace high-maintenance home items with alternatives.

Sometimes, elderly individuals can have trouble staying on top of routine home maintenance. For example, your parent may not be able to mow the lawn or trim weeds like he or she used to. You can hire a service to do the mowing, or you can replace the grass will a low-maintenance option, or one that is more enjoyable. If your parent likes to garden, you might put raised boxes where the lawn used to be so that they can garden instead of pushing a mower or using a weed whip. You might also replace grass with stone or hardscape features instead.

You could replace carpeting (which needs to be vacuumed and heavily cleaned regularly) with laminate or hardwood, which can be easily cleaned with a simple cloth mop. A stand-up shower in the place of a bathtub is easier to get into and easier to clean. These are simple replacements that make a big difference. 

4. Set a schedule.

Finally, you can help your parent set a schedule for each day. With a schedule, it's less likely your parent will forget medications or miss meal times. The schedule might include social activities like senior exercise groups or game nights, as well as periods for pursuing hobbies. Having a schedule helps to break up loneliness and it provides a baseline to assess how well your parent might be coping with living alone.

Independent living can often be a great goal for elderly parents. They get to stay in a place they love and are familiar with. For more information, contact a company that provides senior assistance. 


30 October 2017