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Four Reasons Why You Should Engage In Employee Validation

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Hiring new employees used to be so straightforward. You conduct an interview, check references, make a choice, offer a job, and you have the people you need. However, now, you cannot even be sure that someone is who they say they are. Your business could be in serious trouble if you do not go to greater lengths to "vet" someone before you hire him/her. The practice of employee validation is becoming more commonplace, and here are four reasons why you should engage in this practice.

Verify That You Have the Real Person

With all of the personal info that can be digitally stolen now, you need to know that John Smith or Joan Smith is really John Smith/Joan Smith. You would be surprised by the number of employers who still do not check this and then find out that they had a con artist working for them. If someone lies about who he/she is, what else could he/she be lying about? What is his/her intention or reason for lying and pretending to be someone else? Validate who he/she is, and you should not have to worry about the rest of these issues.

Verify That He/She Is NOT an Ex-Con

Sure, getting work as an ex-con is hard. No one wants to hire an ex-con. But even if you are willing to take a chance on someone as an ex-con and give them a chance, you should make sure first that he/she is not a thief, an embezzler, a Ponzi schemer, etc. You want to be sure this employee, if you choose to hire him/her, is not going to dip his/her hand in the till when your back is turned. If you assign this person to consistently work with money, you want to be certain that all the money is still there at the end of the business day.

Verify That He/She Actually Worked for the Employers Listed

While it is true that many employers and businesses rarely check with former employers listed on resumes, you should not skip this part of the hiring process. In the movie, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, Christina Applegate's character types up a fake resume using fake credentials and fake previous employment. Sure, it is a movie plot, but the fact is, a lot of real people really do this. For that reason, always validate former employment and experience.

Get the Best of the Best

You want the very best possible candidates working for you. How can you know for sure that you have the best if you do not validate them? You cannot, which is why the employee validation process does the job for you.


23 August 2017