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Propane Safety And The 3 Causes Of Propane Odor Loss

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If your new home uses propane gas for running appliances, then it is important you know how to detect a dangerous gas leak. Since propane gas is naturally odorless and colorless, its suppliers add a compound to it that gives off an offensive smell. The sole purpose of the additive is so people can smell a leak and take immediate steps to fix it. However, it is important you understand that propane gas can suffer from a condition known as "odor loss" and you could have a leak and not even know it. 

Since your household uses propane gas, it is vital that you understand about odor loss and what you should do to protect your family from propane leaks. To this end, below is some information about the three main causes of propane odor loss and how to protect your family in case this happens to your home's propane supply:

Propane Odor Loss Cause 1: The Odor Compound Settles in the Tank or Pipes

If the inside of your propane tank is dirty or the gas supply has been sitting unused for an extended period of time, then the odor-causing compound can settle out and become stuck inside of the tank or piping.

Propane Odor Loss Cause 2: Propane Tank Contamination

If your home's propane tank or piping have become contaminated by rust, water, or air, then this will reduce the concentration of the odor-causing additive in the propane supply. 

Propane Odor Loss Cause 3: The Propane Gas is Leaking Underground

If your propane tank or piping are leaking underground, then you could have a severe propane leak and would not be able to smell the propane additive to detect a problem. As the leaking gas is filtered through the dirt, the odor compound gets trapped between the dirt particles while the propane gas itself makes its way to the surface.

Protecting Your Family from Gas Leaks with Propane Odor Loss

Now that you understand how propane odor loss can cause a dangerous situation in your home and yard, you need to know how to protect your family. A simple propane gas detector placed near your propane tank and appliances in your home will signal a problem, even if you cannot smell the propane. This type of detector works similarly to a smoke detector, but it has an alarm that sounds when the detector senses propane gas in the air.

Contact a propane dealer in your area for more information and assistance. 


7 July 2017