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3 Often Forgotten Additions To Add To Your Survivalist/Prepping Section As A Retailer

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In retail, your business depends on successfully making available the items that people are looking for. You don't have to have everything, but a sample of some of the most sought after items for every department is a must, this is especially true if your retail store has a survivalist/prepping section. There are many people in the modern age who are thinking more seriously about preparing for disasters, so catering to this group of people will definitely bring you business. Take a look at a few of the important but often forgotten items to include in your survivalist/prepping department. 

Bulletproof/Tactical Helmets 

This item is often viewed as something that should be reserved for a military supply or gun supply store. However, products like black Kevlar helmets and other tactical helmet designs are important for preppers and survivalists. In the event that a disaster occurs as a result of a military attack, having bulletproof protection for the head is incredibly important, and these helmets offer that. Many survivalists and preppers invest in tactical helmets for every member of their family. These helmets, such as from ICO FUBAR , have the ability to withstand incredible pressure, which makes them ideal for wearing in an array of high-danger situations. 

Knee Pads

This may seem like an item that deserves a space in another department, but knee pads are an important investment for preppers. Military personnel, police officers, and other public defenders often have knee pads on hand because if there comes a time when they have to hit the ground, protecting the knees is important to keep them mobile and uninjured. Make sure you offer a selection of worthy knee pads in the prepper department in a range of sizes. Remember, the tactical-worthy styles will be the most preferable because they are capable of high-impact resistance. 

Tactical-Style Vest 

In a survival situation, it is crucial that someone on the go has a lot of what they need in reach or even better, on their body. Tactical-style vests are modeled after those used in military settings and have a range of compartments and pockets to carry everything from ammunition and weaponry to food rations and a flashlight. There are a range of different tactical vests available that you could sell in your store. Just make sure you go after a supplier who can give you vests that would be most ideal for a survivalist, such as those in camo colors and ample storage space. 


20 June 2017