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3 Things To Check On Your Generator System Before A Major Storm

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If you are a business owner who operates a business in an area that is expecting some type of major storm, such as a hurricane, you might be concerned about the potential of the power going out and interrupting your operations. One good solution for this is to rely on a generator. These are a few things that you should check on your generator system before the storm to help catch any potential problems. Then, you can solve these issues before the storm arrives, allowing you to rely on your generator in the event that the power does go out.

1. Transfer Switch

First of all, if your generator is not designed to turn on automatically in the event of a storm, you are going to need an electrical transfer switch that can help you transition the power from your electrical wiring to your generator. If you do not have one of these switches, you are going to need to purchase one. If you do have one, you may want to test it out before the storm to ensure that it works properly.

2. Generator Size

If you have never had to rely on your generator in the past, you might be unsure of how powerful it might be. Depending on its size and power, it might not provide enough power to actually keep everything within your business going when the power goes out. If this is the case, you may want to decide beforehand which things you want to power and which things will be fine left off until your power turns back on. For example, you may want to run power to any refrigeration systems, computers and cooling systems within your business, but you might not bother with lights that aren't used often or other similar items.

3. Fuel Levels

You are going to need fuel if you want to be able to rely on your generator. It might be tough to buy fuel after the storm, so you may want to go ahead and stock up beforehand so that you will be prepared.

If you want to be able to rely on your generator system to keep your business up and running during a hurricane or other major storm, it pays to carefully check out your system before the storm ever hits. Luckily, if you check these three things beforehand, you should not have anything to worry about when it's time to turn on your generator and use it to power your business.  


16 June 2017