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Party Favors That Will Be Big Hits

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If you are going to be throwing a party for an adult then you may want to give out some fantastic party favors. Whether you are throwing a birthday party, an anniversary party, a baby shower, a graduation party or any other kind of party, giving out great party favors will add to the enjoyment the guests' experience and give them something to remember the great time they had. This article will give you some ideas on different party favors that you can hand out that should be real crowd pleasers for the guests.

Movie passes

A lot of people would enjoy movie passes that have a generous expiration date so they can use them when a movie they want to see comes out on the big screen. You should make sure the movie passes are for a movie theater chain that's popular so the chances will be good that everyone will have one near them.

Coffee house gift cards

You can also give out gift cards to one of the very popular coffee houses. Some people like to stop in for a coffee and others like to bring their laptops in, enjoy a coffee, and eat a pastry while they relax for a bit. No matter how they like to spend their time at a coffee house, having a gift card will be a nice added bonus.

Gift baskets

You can purchase premade gift baskets or you can make them yourself. If you have the time to put them together on your own, then you will be able to add in things that have a special meaning to the guests that you will be giving them to at the party. You can make gift baskets that include muffins, candies, soaps and lotions, candles, or anything else that you feel would make a hit with your party goers.

Have special hats screen printed

You can have special hats designed and screen printed to give out to the guests that attend the party. The hats can have a special message about the guest of honor, the party, or anything else that you choose for them to say. An extra neat little bonus about giving out these hats at the party is those who choose to can wear them immediately.  

Give out needle felted gifts

You can give out needle felted gifts to your guests. They can include animals, people, or anything else that you feel like giving out. The great part of offering your guests something that has been needle felted is it will give them a unique gift they can display in their car, home or office and think of the great time they had at the party every time they look at it.

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8 June 2017