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3 Tips To Avoid Extra Delivery Charges When Buying Propane Gas

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If you use propane gas as a means of heating or for other purposes, you may need to have occasional deliveries to ensure that you have enough gas in your tank for your needs. If this is the case, then you probably want to ensure that you are getting a good deal on the gas and that you aren't paying any more than you have to. One thing that you can watch out for is extra fees that might be charged during delivery. These are a few tips that can help you avoid these fees.

1. Avoid Ordering Gas Outside of Business Hours

Probably the best way for you to avoid paying more for propane gas delivery is to avoid calling during the off-hours. Yes, it's true that many companies that sell and deliver propane gas will come out at just about any time to bring you gas if you need it, even late at night, on the weekends or even on holidays. This can be a good thing if you find yourself in an emergency situation with no gas, but you'll often have to pay an added service charge. Planning ahead and scheduling your deliveries during regular business hours can help you ensure that you don't run out of gas and that you don't have to call during the off-hours and pay an additional delivery fee.

2. Order Bigger Quantities at Once

If your gas company charges you a delivery fee each time that a driver comes out to add gas to your tank, you can save money by getting more gas at one time. If you have a big enough tank, having it filled up can help cut down on trips and delivery fees, even though you might have to spend a little more at once. If your tank is not big enough, you may have to buy a bigger one so that you can take advantage of these savings. As an added bonus, you'll have extra gas, so you can help avoid running out at the wrong time.

3. Make Sure Delivery is Easy

Make sure that it's easy for the delivery driver to drop off your gas. For example, make sure that there is nothing in the way so that the truck can easily access the gas tank. Then, you can avoid being charged an extra fee for any delays that the driver encounters while on your property.

As you can see, there are a few steps that you can take if you'd like to avoid paying any extra fees when having propane gas delivered to your home or business. If you follow these tips, you can save yourself a little bit of money while still buying the gas that you need for your home.


22 May 2017