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Hiring A Belly Dancer For A Gathering

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If you're going to host a gathering, be it a party, reunion, or other group get-together, hiring a belly dancer for entertainment can be fun, but you do need to be sure that you and your audience will know how to behave. Many people have never attended a belly dance performance before and may not know how to act or what to expect, especially because belly dancing has been subject to a lot of stereotypes. But as you make arrangements, pay attention to the following considerations. They'll help make the event more enjoyable for all.

Verify Appropriateness Level

Regardless of its history or how it's supposed to be performed, modern belly dance can take a couple of forms, from family-friendly to decidedly not so. You want to be sure the dancer you hire is on the family-friendly side, especially if your gathering will have a lot of kids present or if there are people who tend not to be comfortable with less family-friendly entertainment. The dancer you hire will likely have a website; look there and on YouTube for sample videos. Contact the dancer and discuss the type of people who will be at the gathering, and listen closely to how the dancer reacts. Good dancers will let you know immediately whether they would be a good match for that audience.

Ask About Tipping Protocol and Let Audience Know Beforehand

Belly dancers often take tips, but it can be awkward for those at the gathering unless they know exactly how to give the dancer tips. Plus, maybe the gathering is one where you don't want your guests to feel like they have to fork out a tip for entertainment they didn't ask for. You might want to pay the dancer a giant tip along with the regular fee and let people at the gathering know you've already taken care of the tip.

Don't Force People to Interact

It's common for audiences at belly dance performances to be rather vocal and appreciative. However, your guests might not realize this, and some just might not want to participate at all. Don't pressure your guests to play along if the dancer approaches them and tries to get them to dance; any guests not participating do need to be polite about it, though. Discuss this with the dancer beforehand and see how the dancer would want the guests to indicate they don't want to interact with the dancer, such as shaking their head gently if they see the dancer headed their way. This should be a performance that makes everyone feel comfortable, so don't force your guests to do anything they don't want to. Good belly dancers will also know that not everyone will necessarily be in the mood to interact.

The belly dancer you hire will be able to work with you on setting up an environment that is supportive of everyone in the room. Ask a lot of questions! The dancer wants you and your guests to enjoy the performance and will be willing to give you the information you need. Check out service providers like Vanessa Bellydancer Miami for more information.


17 May 2017