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Five Ways To Improve Employee Health By Choosing The Right Office Desk Designs

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The design and features of your office equipment can have a significant impact on the health of your employees over time. 

One of the most important decisions you make when choosing office furniture is which type of desks your employees will use for everyday work tasks. The choice you make will impact employee health, comfort, and job satisfaction.

The following are five things to consider when choosing office desks that can help keep your employees healthier and happier:  

1. Choose desks with height adjustments

An inappropriate desk height can create strain on an employee's neck and back.  It's therefore a good idea to look out for desks that can be adjusted to place the work surface and computer at differing levels.

As employees come in all different sizes, the perfect desk for each employee will vary depending on how tall he or she is. Nowadays, there are many options for simple and cost-effective desks that allow employees to choose the desk height to meet their preferences and body shape. 

2. Choose standing desks where it's practical

Statistics show that individuals who work in a sedentary job role are twice as likely as those who work in non-sedentary jobs to die from heart disease.

Upright desks that employees have to stand at to use encourage employees to move around as they work. Activity in the workplace can keep employees energized throughout the day and help them to stay fit. This will reduce their chances of developing cardiovascular conditions like heart disease. 

3. Encourage employees to personalize their desk spaces

Employees may be able to reduce stress and increase job satisfaction around the office by customizing their work area. For example, putting personal photos around the workplace can help to motivate employees during the work day and allow them to feel more at home as they work. 

4. Design the desk space so that the monitor stays at eye level

If your employees are working on computers, one of the most important considerations in optimizing their work area is the height of their computer screens. 

The ideal height for a computer with a standard sized monitor would be to have to top of the monitor between 2" and 3" below eye level

5. Take advantage of natural lighting

Studies have shown that exposure to natural light during the work day can help employees to sleep better at night and enjoy better overall quality of life.

Choose a desk design that maximizes the amount of natural light that hits the desk surface. You can also strategically place desks around windows to take advantage of sunlight. 


20 June 2016